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December 3, 2021

Tips on How to Capture Fabulous Photos this Holiday 🌟

We all want to capture picture perfect moments and why not look our best doing them. With the holiday season upon us find out the do’s and don’ts in looking your best in these fun, festive photos.

Do Use Blush 
Blush might be the most photogenic makeup item you can use this holiday season. It does wonders to offset the camera flash that can make you look washed out.  
Do Exfoliate 
We can all use a little help shedding old, dull skin and ringing in the holiday glow. That's why exfoliants are especially helpful this time of year when we want to combat winter flakiness and look our best in photos. We recommend SkinCeuticals Micro-Exfoliating Scrub from our West Dermatology Shop. 
Do Eat High-Antioxidant Foods 
A glow that comes from the inside out is the best type of glow. That's why we recommend eating lots of fruits and vegetables during the week that you want to look fabulous in holiday photos. The antioxidants neutralize harmful free radicals and make your skin glowy. Although any fruit or vegetable will do the trick, foods especially high in antioxidants include avocados and sweet potatoes.  
Do Maximize Your Moisturize 
Plump, dewy skin will improve your holiday photos when you maximize your moisture on the days leading up to a big event. We recommend trying SkinMedica Dermal Repair Cream. Shop HERE. Try switching out your light summer moisturizer to something richer and creamier to help combat the dry winter air. Running a humidifier is also helpful, especially next to your desk during the day or your bed as you sleep at night. Ditch the sugary, caffeinated, and alcoholic drinks for plenty of hydrating water instead.  
Do Strike a Pose  
Remember "arms up" in photos—whether they're around someone's shoulder or on your hips, anything is better than hanging down at your sides. Instead of facing head-on into a picture, angle your shoulders to the side. Stretch your head away from your neck and then tilt your head for a sharper-looking jawline. 
Don't Use Shine Everywhere 
The holidays are about sparkle, which often shows up in the makeup pallets released this time of year. Glimmer is everywhere, from eyeshadow to lip gloss and everything in between. The problem is that shine can distort your features in a photo and make them look bigger than they are. This works if you use it sparingly by choosing to accentuate one feature. But avoid sparkly makeup all over your face if you want to look your best in photos.  
Don't Use High-Definition Powders 
They're filled with light-reflective particles that, when a flash hits them, bounce around wildly. These blurring powders are fine in natural light where they blur imperfections—but they are the enemy of the camera flash. In photos, they make your skin look white and chalky where you apply the powder. So, it's best to avoid high-definition powders during the flash-happy holidays. 
Don't Get a Last-Minute Procedure 
It's a bad idea to get even a non-invasive procedure like fillers done in the same week as a major event (like a holiday party). Your skin needs time to settle after the inevitable bruising and swelling set in. The last thing you want is to cover up bruises while also applying your holiday makeup. The same is true for laser procedures. It takes time for your skin to heal, so plan those procedures a month ahead of time.  
Don't Go Contour Crazy 
You don't want your makeup to look too contoured. Instead, use a light hand to bring out the best in your features. For example, use a circular motion to brush on bronzer just below the apples of your checks and up toward your temples. This will bring out your cheekbones in a more natural way than a complete face-paint job.   
Don't Forget to Shape Your Brows 
Your eyebrows do for your face what a frame does for a picture. They accentuate your facial features and help you look finished and polished. So don't forget to shape and fill in your brows for holiday pictures.  
We hope you have fun with your holiday photo taking this season! As always, if you have any questions regarding your skin health or want to schedule an in-clinic appointment with one of our board-certified dermatologists, don’t hesitate to give us a call today!