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July 1, 2020

MYTH OR FACT: Does the sun clear acne? ☀️

There are many benefits to the sun. It can lift our mood, help create vitamin D which is essential for healthy and strong bones, and according to many people, it helps with acne. Unfortunately for the sun bakers out there, this is outright wrong as sunlight can actually trigger a particular variety of acne known as Acne Aestivalis, more commonly known as Mallorcan Acne. And while you may not care about the formal names of this reaction, what you should know is that it darkens the appearance of acne scars, or hyperpigmentation. GASP! This may come as a shock to you if you grew up listening to a mother or grandmother tell you that the sun in fact does help with acne. 
Why did people get it wrong?

The reason people believe the sun helps with acne is that the sun deposits different wavelengths of light. Some of these wavelengths can help acne, however, they are accompanied by harmful rays that not only darken and worsen the appearance of acne, but also other components that cause skin cancer and other negative side effects. Overall, overexposure to the sun far outweighs the temporary affect the sun CAN have on acne, but most of the time does not.

So what on earth can I do about acne?!

If you are going into panic mode thinking of all the time you have spent in the sun trying to clear pesky acne spots, fear not! Instead, you can visit one of our board-certified dermatologists who can assess your acne in-person and recommend the best treatment plan that is customized to you and your skin type. We'll find a solution for you without all the troublesome side-effects.

Schedule your visit today and we will have you taken care of in no time!

Yours in good health,
Your Paradise Valley Dermatology Team