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January 26, 2021

How to Keep Healthy Nails At-Home 💅

As it's been a little harder to get our nails done this past year, (for obvious reasons), we've had to fend for ourselves when it comes to nail care. Between the dry winter weather and regular hand washing, you have the perfect recipe for dry, brittle, and frail nails!

Make nail care a form of self care and here’s the good news: the best route to stronger nails is just a few simple changes to your weekly routine. Read on below for part 1 of our nail health series, providing some simple tips for keeping your nails strong and healthy. Part 2 is coming soon, where we'll be talking about nail health and breaking down some of the most common nail disorders patients face (psst...our dermatologists can help you with your nail concerns, too!)
if you are washing dishes or using chemical cleaners, a pair of heavy-duty gloves will keep your nails from getting saturated with damaging compounds. Lots of water can also make your fingernails soft and prone to tearing, so use those gloves!

Use your favorite lotion or cuticle oil to build strength and keep nails from breaking. By keeping dryness at bay, you allow your nails to bend rather than breaking.

Shorter nails are less likely to snag or snap. Make sure to file them regularly to keep them from growing too long. Pro tip: Oval shapes are less likely to snag than square shapes!

Opt for one without acetone because it tends to dry out nails, weakening them. It also removes natural oil from your nails. Without that moisture, your nails look frail and dry. They’ll also be less bendable and more breakable if you use acetone—probably not the look you’re going for!

Well-groomed nails can make you look instantly polished (pun intended!) and can even make your hands appear more youthful. If you notice your nails are thick, distorted, or darkened and you feel pain or soreness, you may have a nail disorder that requires the attention of a dermatologist. If you suspect you have a nail disorder, or infection, give us a call or schedule an appointment today so we can perform a nail scrape for quick results.