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February 1, 2022

Fall in Love with Our Derm-Grade Products

This Valentine’s Day, we’re taking our love for our derm-grade products to the next level by highlighting why we always steer our patients toward clinical-grade skincare brands. With products that are able to penetrate deep into the skin’s layers and produce quality results, we choose to have a wide variety of brands at hand to allow us to tailor our suggestions to each individual patients’ needs. 
What Is Derm Grade? 
Our derm-grade products (also called medical or clinical-grade) are proven effective. They’ve passed Food and Drug Administration (FDA) inspection through controlled and double-blind trials. This means that the participants and researchers don’t know which product participants are getting until after the trial, so the results are less biased. It’s one of the gold standards in the scientific community for proving a product works. 
Regular Products 
Non-derm grade products sold in supermarkets, drug stores, and online are self-regulated by the cosmetic industry. This means they can make wild claims about how good they are with no evidence to back it up. Yikes. 
Consumers Lose 
It’s the consumers who lose when they are left experimenting with different products that may or may not work as advertised. Plus, it’s frustrating and expensive to buy a product for a specific condition and then have it not work. 
The Advantage of Derm-Grade Skincare Brands 
Derm-grade skincare can penetrate deeper layers of skin. So, when you buy, say, retinol that’s medical-grade, you know the collagen and elastin in your skin is being repaired at the deepest level possible with a topical product.  
Are Derm-Grade Products More Expensive 
Yes, and no. While you will pay more for the actual bottle of product, it’s less expensive than having a drawer full of products that you spent good money on but didn’t work for you. With derm-grade products, you know they work because they passed a thorough FDA inspection.   
Derm-Grade Products Are a Better Value 
At our clinic, we believe our derm-grade products offer our patients excellent value for many reasons, including that you don’t need to experiment with several different types of routines. Instead, you can save money with: 

You Only Need a Few 
Just a few of our key derm-grade products are plenty to keep your skin looking its best. We recommend you make sure your serums are derm-grade, especially Vitamin-C serum. If you want to treat a specific problem, like melasma spots, also make sure your products are derm-grade.  
We hope you are as in love with our derm-grade skincare products as we are. Ask to see the products on hand at your next annual skin check. If you don’t want to wait, head over to our online shop where we stock the best brands in the business.