Skin Lesion Biopsies

Skin biopsies are performed to help with the diagnosis of your skin condition. Sometimes, different skin conditions can look similar to the naked eye and if there is suspicion of possible skin cancer, a biopsy will be performed. This process is done by a piece of skin being removed and looked at under the microscope after it has been stained with special coloured dyes in the laboratory by a histotechologist.

Why do skin lesions have to be excised?

Atypical or irritated moles (nevi) can be removed either by shave excision which involves no suturing or with an elliptical or football-shaped excision and sutures.  Your physician can help you decide which is appropriate for your given situation.  The tissue that is removed is submitted for microscopic analysis.

How Are Skin Lesions Excised?

A razor blade is used to “shave-off” the abnormal-looking growth.
A special instrument called a punch or a trephine is used to remove a circle of tissue from the abnormal-looking growth. Sutures are usually needed.
A scalpel is used to remove the entire growth. Sutures are required.